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Speed Post introduced in India for fast mail services across nation.
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Speed Post Tracking

Online Speed Post Tracking

This is achieved with the help of a unique tracking number that is assigned to a mail during booking. The Post office counter provides a receipt for each and every mail and this receipt contains the tracking number used to get information regarding the delivery of the mail.

What can be Tracked

  • Speed post (Domestic EMS)
  • Electronic Money Order (eMO)
  • International EMS
  • Registered Mail
  • Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)
  • Express Parcel

Speed Post Tracking


Speed Post Tracking By SMS 

Speed Post has also enabled the option of checking status of your mail via SMS. Everybody does not have internet all the time but they do always have a phone. This is why SMS tracking of mail was introduced for eMO and Speed Post to make the customer’s life easier.

Following steps will help you to track the status of your mail using a SMS:

1) You need to send SMS to 55352 in the following format:

For Speed Post:

SP<space>Speed Post number


EMS<space>Speed Post number

For eMO:

MO<space>eMO PNR No


EMO<space>eMO PNR No